A comparison between two people in the periods of making exercise.


Write a comparison/contrast essay in which you take two people you know, and show how they react (similarities, if ever; difference) in a similar moment involving crisis and conflict (car accident, poor service, illness). Please try to be more specific. Please write a topic sentence at the start of every paragraph .


In our day to day lives, we live with and encounter different people. They range from close family members, relatives, friends, and workmates to the general society. These people have different habits and temperaments, usually formed from their childhood and from the experiences they go through in as they grow. Different people also react differently to varying situations and happenings of life. Living with these people in harmony, requires a great sense of understanding of their behavior and reactions to both good and bad occurrences of life. The way people react during times of convenience and happiness is different from the way they react during times of conflict, crises or turmoil. Some are short-tempered and easily offended, while others keep their temper and are able to hold their peace for longer. Since we are created differently from each other, we have strengths and weaknesses that are different from one person to the other. This essay compares and contrasts two people and how they react in similar moment involving crisis and conflict. The people are known to me, since we grew together, studied together and do many activities together. The essay starts by comparing the two in the first and second paragraph and then moves to contrasting them in third, fourth and fifth paragraph. One of them is John and the other is Jesse for ease of referencing.