A community so cheap it is hazardous to our health

Assignment: together we stand letter. See the Rubric posted in course materials.

Suppose you live in a new suburban community. It offers all the amenities and benefits of a tight- knot small community, with the benefits of living close to the big city. Some years pass, and several children and adults in the community start developing extensive and similar illnesses. You think this is clearly not a case of genetics, and become suspicious that something must have gone wrong in the development planning and execution of your community. You start researching and investigating possible causes for the illnesses plaguing the community and, upon digging further, find out that the gas company’s practices may be to blame for the calamity. You decide, at that point, to spread the word around your community about your findings so that everyone can unite in a fight for justice.

Write a letter of approximately 500 words in length that you intend to have published by your local newspaper addressing your concerns with the public health of the community.

Explain what strategies you applied when investigating the problem that helped foster critical thinking and lead you to the root cause of the inexplicable illnesses.

Identify approaches the community could take together to arrive at possible solutions for the problem and settle the matter with the gas company. Cite any sources and reference according to the writing style guide handbook.

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