“Comparative analysis of Marketing Communications strategies and mix for athletic shoe brands in the UK: Adidas Vs.one other brand”


You are the newly appointed Industry Analyst for a well-known Investment Corporation. You have been given the responsibility of becoming their expert in athletic shoe brands, such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, New Balance, Asics, etc. You have to produce a comparative analysis of the marketing communications strategies and mix used by Adidas and one other brand only.

1. The assignment should not exceed 2,500 words and should be presented in report format, not as an essay. You are allowed to include any reasonable amount of supporting material in an Appendix.
2. You should draw upon your personal research done at the library, through the Internet and the recommended reading and material covered throughout the course. Please reference carefully all your research sources.
3. You are asked to use primary as well as secondary research for this assignment. You are encouraged to be innovative in your quest for answers, by using your powers of observation while watching TV, going to the cinema, going shopping, focus groups on campus or with your friends and family, surveys on campus or elsewhere, etc.
4. You are encouraged to make full use of GMID – Global Market Information Database, ABI/Inform, FAME and other databases which are available as Electronic Resources by the Brunel Library.
5. Please adopt a critical but constructive view supported by factual information, not just personal opinions. If quoting other people’s work, please use the accepted form of academic referencing (Harvard style referencing).


In recent days, competition in the market has been very stiff thus calling for business entities to look for the best marketing communication strategies. Significantly, it has been realized that, the issue of modern technology and liberalization of markets has led to significant developments in the strategies business adopt to market their products. Precisely, the footwear and sportswear industry has been very competitive in the recent past. With this in mind, it has become essential for other companies to emulate the strategies adopted by these companies so as to arrive at success. With regard to the recent changes in the sportswear and footwear industry, it has been essential for C&J Clark International Ltd to conduct a market analysis on the marketing communication strategies for adidas and Nike. Based on the market research, the C&J Clark International Ltd will be able to identify the best strategies to incorporate in its marketing plan (Neumeier 2006).