3 Female artists of the Renissance Period


Complete a 7 page final paper demonstrating your “in-depth" research outcome. Keep in mind that your paper should present a well-balanced content between factual information and your own analysis of the information you have been collecting/studying.


During the renaissance period, the role of women in political, social, and culture life was greatly controlled by the society expectations of a woman. They were expected to perform only their domestic works and were heavily influence by men through persuasion (Chadwick, 2007). Women were discouraged from taking up roles in artistic work.  Most women who became influential artistic of the time mostly came from artistic family and developed their painting skills under skillful guidance of their fathers, as will be evidenced by review of the three famous Renaissance artists in this study. Though skilled compared to men, they were belittled and stereotyped and suffered gender injustice like rape and others (Tinagli, 1997). However, it was evident that women wanted to develop their paintings which were little influenced by men and as it will be found in the following artists, they managed to come up with their own peculiar artistic work.