19’th century planning


Research a 19th century epidemic. There are some examples in the reading, but you can also google “19th century epidemics USA” and quite a few examples come up which you can expand on.

Write 2 pages which will address: 1) the cause of the epidemic and 2) the outcome (solution, if there was any.)


The 19th century was a period of epidemic series in the United States and the world in general. American history has been widely influenced by disease epidemic, whereby Native American people were devastated by various diseases. This phenomenon was experienced all over the United States before and after the arrival of Europeans on American soil. As indicated by Rosenberg (1963), cholera was the most profound disease epidemic of the 19th century across the world whereby the US was not exempted. The disease led to thousands of deaths to the US population alongside other social and economic problems. A demonstrated by Rosenberg (1963), Cholera is a killer disease that causes a series of health complications like: diarrhea, vomiting, violent and profuse cramps alongside dehydration. These medical complications associated with cholera are so devastating in that they can cause death in a matter of hours. This paper will provide an explicit discussion on the 19th century Cholera epidemic in the United States (Rosenberg, 1963).