3015LHS Business Communication

Subject: Enquiry about Sport Equipment

We acknowledge receiving your letter on 20 August 2018, in which you expressed you interest in a number of our sporting equipment, and thank you for choosing our products.

With this letter, we have attached a catalogue, price list, and detailed booklet that explain our wide range of sporting equipment, including flat bench, magnetic racing bike, training cardio, Elliptical cross trainer, station home gym, and many others.

We are a creative fitness equipment manufacturing company that was founded in 1997 in Mainland China, offering a wide range of fitness equipment. As a leading designer and manufacturer of sport equipment with a wide client base, we  are to maintain high quality products and offer competitive prices. Currently, all new customers qualify for a 10% discount for all the purchases. We hope you will take advantage of this offer.



The current technological advancements affect the performance of any business due to increased competition. The most competitive companies are highly innovative and thus, to succeed in the fashion industry the players must focus on developing new and highly innovative products and services. The Wadrobe is a highly innovative product that could ensure that fashion and retail companies improve their performance levels drastically. The Wadrobe is a software designed to help purchasers to make the right colour choice when buying make- ups, jeweller, cosmetics, dressing, handbags, and hairstyles among others by suggesting the best dress match code for users. The software is the best for the modern market because it has the most recent fashion trends and hence it reduces time wasted by purchasers in making decision for the perfect colour match. The aim of this business plan is to evaluate and analyse the external and internal environment of the software in order to understand how can be business idea best perform in the market. Additionally, this plan evaluates and discusses the risks and benefits of implementing the business idea and the ways in which the identified risks and benefits can be mitigated and embraced respectively. The business idea is based in the fashion industry.

International Business Strategy



You are employees of a prestigious management consulting company based in Sydney. You company has been approached by a local Australian firm seeking to enter China and expand the business in China. Your company gives you a consulting project to help the company successfully enter and operate in China. Note that the Australian firm has made the decision of entering China but just don’t know how to do it.


The client believes that expansion into China offers tremendous opportunities and benefits. As the largest developing country, emerging markets, and transition economy in the world, China has been growing at 8% to 10% since 1978. Currently, it is the largest FDI receipt country in the world. Many Fortune Global 500 firms have operations there or are considering entering China. There is a growing middle-class in China with amazing purchasing power. However, China also presents daunting risks and challenges as well, including economic development disparity, corruption, pollution, competition, legal framework ineffectiveness, gaps in infrastructure, etc. And, China is different from Western countries in term of culture, ethics, values and tradition. As a result, winning in China should not be taken for granted!

Business Project Proposal – Starting a Tobacco Business in Australia

1.      Project definition and objectives

This project is conducted to assess the possibility of opening up a liquor store in Sydney or any other location in Australia.

  • Aim:

The main aim of the project is to open a first shop here in Australian market.

  • Goals/objectives:
  1. To carry out a market research on Australian liquor and tobacco
  2. To research laws or rules for opening a liquor and tobacco retails business (licensing)
  3. To research on taxes for importing liquors and tobacco and important tax regulations on running a liquor and tobacco retailer in Australian market.
  4. To estimate the significant costs for opening a liquor tobacco retailer business through analysis of financial statement of existing liquor businesses.

Local Tour App Business Plan

Executive Summary

This business plans analyse the environment of the proposed business as well as rewards and risks of entrepreneurship. In environmental analysis, the study finds that both tourism and mobile apps sectors are recording phenomenal growth with future projections showing potential growth. Socially, technology and tourism have been embraced as a way of life. Tourism industry is growing environmental concerns but technology provides solutions for these concerns. Both industries are faced with possible regulatory changes. In internal analysis, the study finds the business has good strengths and opportunities for future growth. However, it has weaknesses and threats that include regulatory and political challenges. On benefits of entrepreneurism, the business will lead to self-fulfilment, make profit, and create social good for all stakeholders. Lastly, the major risks include risk of failure, high development cost, security and regulatory issues.

Starting a Tobacco Business in Australia

Company XCX has well established operations in China.  As families run business, it has operated for generations and retained a sizable number of its clients for years. The company mainly specialize in liquor and tobacco. The main strengths of the company include a good brand name that is well known in the locality, good management skills run under the family business model, specialisation which has made it excel in tobacco and liquor, and good location where it is able to serve a large are. However, the business has bottled decision making because the head of the family makes important decisions.

Video Business Case Report: Randstad

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Business Ethics and Industrial Revolution

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