MKT2010 – Integrated and Digital Marketing Communications

MKT2010 – Individual Essay – Assignment Brief Semester 1– 2020-21
Integrated and Digital Marketing Communications 2020-21
Semester 1 – Assignment Brief 1 (worth 50%)
(Semester 2 will be worth 50%)
Individual Essay – 2,000 words – hand in 18 December 2020 by 4pm
1. Taking ONE brand from the choice of six (Airbnb, Dove, LEGO, Lidl, Misguided or
Tesla). Discuss and evaluate the use of Digital Marketing Channels from this
brand’s perspective (50%).
2. Using this brand and the knowledge of the trends/tools that you have covered in
the module make recommendations for the brand’s future digital marketing
communications activity (25%).
3. Illustrate your answer using appropriate examples, showing knowledge of other
brands and their digital marketing communication activities (20%).
You MUST answer parts 1-3 in your essay, the remaining 5% of the assessment will be
awarded for evidence of good academic practice, structure, writing and presentation. You
should read this assessment brief in conjunction with the Marking Rubric provided on
Canvas. Please note: Pre Assessment Clinic is available in the Timetabled Seminar 4. A
specific assignment briefing PPT will be on Canvas plus detailed FAQ (Frequently Asked
Questions) is also available on Canvas too.
Assessment General Guidelines
a) Assignments must be presented in the following format:
A front page with identification of your student number; degree programme;
word count
• Accurate and properly cited referencing, using the Harvard referencing system

b) Word count:
What is and isn’t included?
 Tables; Figures (within the essay); reference list at end; appendices are NOT
 References cited within the essay are included e.g. (Thompson, 2020)
 The front page identifying student number; degree programme; word count
and organisation is excluded from the word count
c) Other requirements:
A4; 12 font size; single or 1.5 spacing; 2.5cm margins
See FAQ under Canvas for any additional queries regarding this assignment.
MKT2010 – Individual Essay – Assignment Brief Semester 1– 2020-21

No assignments will be accepted late unless an extension has been granted. See student
progress and PEC procedures for further information
Late submission
See our University Regulations. In brief, any assignment handed in after the deadline will
receive a maximum of 40% and after 7 days 0%. (Unless an extension form has been
completed and granted before the hand-in date – see PEC procedures). Please check your
assignment has uploaded successfully and always take a copy of your digital receipt. In the
event of any problems please email the Module Leader and
with the file if you feel it will not upload by the 4pm deadline. Please try to upload using
Google Chrome as your browser and if there are any problems you should use a university
computer on-site if at all possible.
Computing problems
Submission queue delays, IT issues etc. are NOT acceptable grounds for late submission.
Assignment Feedback will (normally) be returned within the 20/25 working day
turnaround period. In addition to the final mark; individual written feedback will indicate
where marks were allocated (or lost). Generic feedback will also be available via Canvas
after the 20/25 working days of the hand in date.
Students who fail the full Module Assessment (Semester 1+2) will be required to resubmit
another assessment during the August resit period.
If you have any questions on this Semester 1 Assignment brief – please remember we
have a Timetabled Pre Assessment Clinic in Seminar 4 (plus other seminars) or email the
Module Leader – Fiona Thompson on
Many thanks in advance
MKT2010 – Module Leader