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Carina Winery is located in South Australia.  According to Carina Cellars (2018), the winery draws meaning from the southern hemisphere, the constellation of Agro Navis, which is separated into three main clusters, including Vela (The Sails), Puppis (The Stern), and Carina (The Keel). Therefore, the name Carina implies the Keel and the company strives to produce wines that are worthy to be placed among the stars. It covers an approximate 1,500 acres, which includes a construction area of 400 acres, 1,100 acres of vineyard, national tourist attractions, and a national leisure agriculture and rural areas tourism five-star park.

In addition, the winery also includes ecological agriculture development companies, wine companies, and tourism culture companies.

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  • Proposed Food Options

In the cellar door, the winery has two sets of research and development teams. The role of the team is to come up with unique designs and menu that meets the needs of the target customers.  Each research and development team boasts of a sommelier, bartender, dietician, foodie, and others which bring together rich professionals. The menu will be planned to accompany wine tasting with the aim of bringing out the best flavour of the wines. There are foods that enhance the original taste and flavour of wine and these foods will be included in the menu (Winerist, 2018). For example, cheese contains oils that reduces the acidity of wine and helps to bring out the best flavour or olives that are well known to enhance the taste of some wines (Gregutt, 2018). Therefore, the following foods are proposed to be served together wine.

Wine Tasting:

1 oz pours for tastings

Pick 3 for $10

Pick 6 for $15

A La Carte for $5 per pour

Wine by Glass

$10 per glass for wine under $30

$12 per glass for wine under $45

$15 per glass for wine under $40

Food Menu:

Coconut Shrimp with a chili mango sauce and Carbenet Sauvignon


Portobello Mushroom Bruschetta with Grilled garlic slices with Montage wine and Parmesan cheese


Vineyard Chicken Salad Chicken breast grilled with spicy pecans, juicy red seedless grapes and Carbenet Sauvignon


Tossed Cobb Salad and Spinach Crepes  With Sauivgnon Blanc


Baily Cheesesteak SandwichWith Chardonnay


Duck Breast and Caramelized Apples With Red Burgundy


These are just few of the foods that will be selected as a part of the proposed menu.  The proposed menu will be offered within the proposed operation time. A sample menu is shown in appendix 5.


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