Graduate Registered Nurse

Graduate Registered Nurse. One of the major challenges facing Graduate Registered Nurses (GRN) transitioning into professional practice is knowledge gap.  There is always a mismatch between the theoretical education they have receive in school with the practice skills required in professional practice (Stephens, Smith & Cherry, 2017, p. 276). In nursing practice, the pressure of work predisposes GRNs to stress, self-doubt, and burnout that are major demotivating factors (Por, Barriball, Fitzpatrick, & Roberts, 2011, p. 855). Graduate Registered Nurse.

This study will explore self-awareness, one of the prerequisite requirements for transitioning from classroom into nursing professional practice. The study will explore in details the role of self-awareness in helping nursing practitioners achieve work-life balance. Lastly, the study will also develop a SMART goal aimed at achieving work-life balance and resilience in the transition. Graduate Registered Nurse.

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It helps manage health risks like increased weight, inadequate sleep, depression, and others (Melnyk, Hrabe & Szalacha, 2013, p. 283). In addition, regular exercise manages energy levels which increases alertness and reduces risk of errors (Melnyk, Hrabe & Szalacha, 2013, p. 284). Graduate Registered Nurse.

Graduate Registered Nurse

In summary, self-awareness plays a critical role in the transition of GRNs from classroom to professional practice.  Self-awareness helps GRNs to recognise their strengths and weaknesses, and hence develop coping strategies to stressing situations. It helps to develop resilience through identifying positive and negative coping strategies, which helps nurses to overcome challenging professional situations. In addition, it helps nurses to maintain a positive work-life balance, which reduces the risk of burnout and job dissatisfaction. Therefore, GRNs need to have clear and special goals and actions towards attaining self-awareness for resilience and work-life balance. Graduate Registered Nurse.