Plan for Nursing Care

O’Connell & Dowling (2013, p. 21) states there is nothing more valuable than a human life therefore the highest priority problem is Jayan’s risk of suicide. He is currently experiencing suicidal ideations and there are indications of suicidal plans which may need to be investigated further (Meng et al., 2017). Additional symptoms include: feelings of depressed and hopeless and self- neglect in the form of poor hygiene and grooming, and excessive drinking. The recent suicide of Jayan’s cousin also increases his risk due to grief (“The LIFE Framework”, 2018; Beyondblue, 2018). Plan for Nursing Care.

The second major issue for Jayan is depression. Depression can cause increased risk of suicidal ideas, feeling of hopelessness and despair, excessive alcohol use, enhance fear, lost of appetite, anhedonia and poor personal hygiene etc., which Jayan is presenting with most of these symptoms (“The LIFE Framework”, 2018). Effectively treating depression will help Jayan free from self-inflicted harm, effectively coping changes in his life and able to resume his normal activities and use other alternatives to dealing with emotional issues and stress (Bavolar & Bacikova-Sleskova, 2018).

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Work together with Jayran to explore protective factors, discover distractions will let him participate in his care, increase his responsibility and control. From support him to learn effectively express his anger and frustrations, and making plans to appropriately externalise them, in turn to equip him with wise mind, and to build up resilience in the future instead internalise them with self-destructive behaviours (“The LIFE Framework”, 2018; Beyondblue, 2018). Furthermore, sending positive feedback, being attentive and responsive with Jayran, increase his perception of respect and self-value therefore to increase his self-esteem and confidence which will be beneficial factors in his journey of recovery (Stanton, Tooth & Champ’s, 2017). Plan for Nursing Care.

Supervision and encouragement will also help him to establish healthier eating, sleeping and activity pattern, improve personal grooming and hygiene (Ellis, Rufino & Allen, 2017). Therefore, promotes positive self-care, avoid alcohol dependency, create physiological homeostasis, increase Jayran’s both physical and psychological health which can be used to form a strength to fight depression (Cahill, Paley & Hardy, 2012). Plan for Nursing Care.