Human Biology: Scientific Report Assessment

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Human Biology. This assessment is designed to be an introduction to writing reports for science based subjects at University level. This is an individual assessment. You will not be completing all parts of a scientific research report, but focusing on background information and interpreting data that has been provided. This assessment is worth 10% of your trimester mark. Human Biology.

It is due on Wednesday of week 8 of the trimester, and needs to be submitted via Moodle / Turnitin. You can submit it in the ‘HBI01S1’ Moodle page, in the folder titled ‘Assessments’.

This report is investigating the effects of exercise on breathing rate.

In the experiment that was performed, three subjects rested for 10 minutes, then rode an exercise bike for 20 minutes, then rested for another 10 minutes. Their breathing rate was recorded at 5 minute intervals immediately before exercise and for the 10 minutes after exercise. Human Biology.

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  1. The subjects rested for 10 minutes, then measured their breathing rates.
  2. The subjects rode an exercise bike for 20 minutes at the same pace and intensity.
  3. Every 5 minutes their breathing rate was measured.
  4. After riding the bikes for 20 minutes they rested and measured their breathing rate for another 10 minutes, at 5 minute intervals. Human Biology.


Table of Results: exercise and breathing rate over time

Time (minutes) Breathing rate (breaths per minute)
Subject 1 Subject 2 Subject 3 Average
0* 13 11 12 12
5 18 16 14 16
10 23 16 16 18.3
15 26 16 18 20
20 28 16 19 21
25 12 13 15 13.7
30 13 11 13 12.7

* Represents the breathing rate immediately after the 10 minutes rest, prior to commencing exercise. Human Biology.