Management Strategy and Decision Making

Problem Situation – Management Strategy and Decision Making

Despite that North Face and Patagonia companies are very success in offering garments and climbing gear, backpacking, skiing, and running gears, they do not consider the external factors which may influence their business (Meltzer, 2017). The two companies are rivals who offer their products to urban customers who lead relatively unadventurous lives.  This marketing strategy used by both companies is weak because it does not have clear target customers and their demographic characteristics. Basically, customers are very rational and hence they purchase products based on their perceived value and therefore, customers who are not adventurous may not find the value of climbing gears offered by the two companies. Management Strategy and Decision Making.

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Recommendation 3: Internet and Social Media Marketing

With the current advancement in the internet and social media technology, companies cannot overlook the effectiveness of this technology in their marketing strategies (Zarrella, 2009). North Face and Patagonia companies can reach out to several customers in the existing and new markets by creating awareness for their products through social media. Social media is an effective marketing strategy because customers tend to believe the information offered by their social media friends more than the information given by company marketers. Additionally, the two companies will engage directly with their customers and hence can answer their questions or make clarifications regarding their products (Zarrella, 2009). Therefore, social media will increase customer relationship management for both companies. Management Strategy and Decision Making.   


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