Critical Reflection of Week 9-11 Exercise

Critical Reflection of Week 9-11 Exercise. After a student has completed an exercise, it is always good to look back to it and give a critical analysis of the whole process which includes how the exercise was conducted, what was covered, what was not covered, what was done right, what was done wrong, and what improvements can be done in future.

In this reflection therefore, I analysed the exercises conducted in 9-11 week by critically analysing the theories used, usefulness of these theories, strategies successful in the scenarios, ethical decisions made in the scenarios, and what would have been done differently. In addition, I give justification for this reflection. This exercise gives a reflection of my experiences and validity of these experiences in understanding public relations professional practice. This exercise also gives conclusion as well as my own contributions to the team’s responses as well as management of the crisis scenario. Critical Reflection of Week 9-11 Exercise. 

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I have learned that communication is very imperative in teamwork and the performance of a team is determined by the effectiveness and efficiency of the communication strategies employed. As a result, the teamwork skills I have gained in these exercises are applicable in my future professional practice. In public relations, devising ethical approach especially when responding to clients is very important. These exercises have enlightened me on how to focus on ethical aspects of public relations and stick to the right things. For instance, I have learned that I should not engage in bribery when relating to clients. I have understood that every public relations scenario deals with stakeholders and how you relate with these stakeholders determine the quality of the relations. Critical Reflection of Week 9-11 Exercise.

In conclusion, these exercises have reinforced my skills in public relations professional practices and have offered me a chance to practice the skills I have learned in class which is translating theory into practice in public relations. Critical Reflection of Week 9-11 Exercise.

My Contributions

Working as a part of the team, I was assigned different tasks each week. The following were the main tasks that I was assigned to:

Week 9 – Brainstorming stakeholders, analysing the stakeholder categories, and analysing the stakeholder related to our client. I discussed with Lena regarding the stakeholder and conducted the bibliography as well as researching the resources. Critical Reflection of Week 9-11 Exercise.

Week 10 – I researched the five major stakeholders and identified the ethical issue each stakeholder got. I analysed and wrote the stakeholder ethical issue and thought of an ethical issue which each stakeholder might have in future.

Week 11 – Brainstorming the list of stakeholders and analysing the influence of each stakeholder to the discussion. I identified and wrote the stakeholders affected by the discussion and defined the proposed course of action. Critical Reflection of Week 9-11 Exercise.

I worked closely with other members of the group to ensure the tasks were successful.

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