Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Organization Background – Commonwealth Bank of Australia

The organization that will be analysed in this study is Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Commonwealth Bank of Australia is an Australian multinational bank which offers a wide range of financial services such as institutional banking, superannuation, funds management, broking and investment services, and retail business among others. The bank has more than 1,100 branches and 4,300 ATMs across the world (Oliver 2015). Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has employed more than 45,000 employees working across the world (Saunders 2014). The financial performance of the bank shows that it has potential to improve. This research proposal focuses on customer services at CBA and how it may ensure improvement of the bank in the banking industry. Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

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The recommendations and improvements will be supported by previous literatures. Commonwealth Bank of Australia.


Oliver, M. (2015) Australia’s banks have 10% loans in risky fossils fuels, says investment adviser. The Guardian, 1-2

Saunders, A. (2014) Australian banks face more pressure over support for coal projects. Sydney Morning Herald, 1-2. Commonwealth Bank of Australia.


Section 1: Demographic Profiles of Participants

  1. What is your gender?     Male                              Female
  2. What is your age?

18-25 years

26-35 years

36-45 years

46-55 years

56 years and above

  1. What is your highest education level?

High School

University Degree

Masters’ Degree


Section 2: Your opinion about Service Quality at Commonwealth Bank of Australia

The next declarations are related to your opinion about Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Please provide the information to the degree to which you trust this bank to have the ability to fulfil the information listed in the statement. Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Please score each declaration as follows

Strongly Agree                                                              Strongly Disagree                                         1               2                      3                     4                          5      

Statement Score
Commonwealth Bank of Australia has modernised equipment.  
Commonwealth Bank of Australia site is in an remarkable condition  
Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s employees are well presented, dressed suitably and look  pleasant  
Information brochures have a full list of offered services and are well  presented.  
When Commonwealth Bank of Australia pledge to do something by the agreed time, they always do.  
When you as a client have some problem, Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s staff show a genuine concern in solving it.  
The bank is carrying out the service correct, at the  first time.  
The bank is delivering the service at the time they pledge to do so.  
The bank is not making errors during work.  
Employees in the bank are providing you with information when services will be accomplished.  
Employees in the bank are providing swift service to you.  
Employees in the bank are constantly eager to help you.  
Employees in the bank are by no means too occupied to reply to your demands.  
The actions of staff in the bank fill confidence in you.  
You are feeling secure and safe while depositing or extracting money in the bank  
Employees at Commonwealth Bank of Australia are steadily well-mannered with you.  
Employees at Commonwealth Bank of Australia have the experience to properly answer your questions.  
The bank is providing you with individual attention.  
The bank has working hours that are suitable to you.  
Commonwealth Bank of Australia staff knows usual clients problems beforehand.  
The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has your best interests as their priority.  
The employees of the bank recognize your exact requests.  
You are  pleased, with the  service  quality  of the  bank