Challenges Face By Foreign Students

Challenges Face By Foreign Students. Australian universities receive over 300,000 foreign students, hence foreign students representing 24.3% of the total student population in the country. This is a significant proportion in the universities despite that foreign students are still the minorities. As a result, foreign students face problems/ challenges adjusting to some aspects of the new life. These challenges can be categorized into social, academic, and emotional. However, there are ways to overcome these challenges.

According to Vedder (2006), culture is an important factor to consider when discussing the challenges facing globalization. Globalization has contributed significantly to the increased number of foreign students in Australian universities and hence it is important to consider cultural diversity. Each country has unique cultures and these cultures shape the behaviours of students at the universities. For instance; the organizational behaviours of Australian universities are shaped by the Australian culture. Language is one element of culture. Challenges Face By Foreign Students.

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Additionally, foreign students face the challenge of accessing research materials. Challenges Face By Foreign Students.

Since they are in a new environment, they do not have knowledge on how to search for the on-going projects which are assigned and hence they may end up not performing as expected. Some students face financial challenges because they are supposed to content with the non- residential fees. Unlike the local students who are conversant with the environment, foreign students take time before they learn how to cope up with the new environment such as making new friends and new eating habits. Challenges Face By Foreign Students.

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