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Jean Watson Theory

Reflective Question. The practice of a nursing practitioner is largely contributed by nursing theories. For instance, the theory by Jean Watson describes a philosophy of caring and science that assesses and evaluates the connectedness of all human caring processes, human experience, experiences, and phenomena. From this theory practitioners in the nursing practice understand that caring is a moral ideal that involves the mind, soul, and body engagement with another person. The theory helps practitioners in developing a helping- trusting human caring relationship. Reflective Question.

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Importance of Mentoring in Developing Nursing Leadership

Mentoring is very fundamental in the career development of novice and advanced nurses. The world is experiencing a severe shortage in nursing thus it important to look for mentors in order to assume leadership roles. Reflective Question. Basically, mentoring can help a nurse to assume leadership roles as he or she is frequently encouraged, motivated, and trained on how to handle leadership cases. Leadership roles in nursing are not assumed only through professionalism but also through mentoring as nurses get to admire their leaders and yarn to become one. However, finding a mentor is a big challenge for nurses. One can find a mentor by going for their leaders who they have high levels of interactions and seek to learn from them. Reflective Question.