Problem Identification in Hemodialysis Patients

Problem Identification in Hemodialysis Patients. Hemodialysis patients face a critical problem from hemodialysis central venous catheter inflections. These problems include morbidity and expense. High morbidity rates among patients with this health problem are caused by increased line replacement, discomfort, abx toxicity, temporary access, damage of the future vascular access sites, volume overloading, infection sequelae that include potential mortality, site damage, and missed dialysis with consequences of uremia (Saxena & Bodh,  2005). Problem Identification in Hemodialysis Patients.

On the other hand, these patients incur a lot of expenses as they are required to stay in the hospital for long period of time, a lot of resources are required in line replacement, and the high costs incurred in acquiring drugs.

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However, providing a sustainable solution to these problems in the Central Venous Catheter Related Bacteremia in Hemodialysis Patients, the nursing department should ensure that high quality healthcare services are offered to patients (Saxena & Bodh, 2005). This quality can only be achieved if the level of education for nurses is improved. For instance, the leadership in the nursing field should ensure that all nurses operating in this category are provided with adequate skills. Problem Identification in Hemodialysis Patients.    


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