In The Police Avademy

Why do I deserve to be in the police academy?

In the United States, many people dream of being police officers but the truth is that not everyone is fit for the job. The work of the police is highly demanding and requires a certain kind of person to perform the job properly.  A lot of things can go wrong if the wrong kind of person is mandated to be in the police academy.  A competent and effective police officer deserves to have certain persona attributes in order to discharge the assigned state duties.  This is because policing is a very crucial aspect of law enforcement. In The Police Avademy.

To be in the police academy one therefore deserves to be motivated by an inner spirit of service to the people other than adventure or just to build a career. In other words, a police academy seeks to enroll individuals who exhibit certain characteristics. The major reason because policing services are very closely related to the individual police officer’s behavior as well as the organizational philosophy of the academy that supports their behavior. Ensuring public safety involves more than just law enforcement by say “catching the bad guys” and making arrests.  I deserve to be in the police academy because I exhibit the required qualities for one to be in the police academy.

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These good relations are built upon respect for other individuals by demonstrating an understanding and ability to work and interact with people of various backgrounds, opinions, attitudes, and beliefs. One must have the ability to perceive persons as unique individuals, value their varied experiences, perspectives, and ideas while solving problems. In The Police Avademy.

In conclusion, a police academy needs to hire and recruit the right law enforcement officers. In the United States a police academy needs to ensure that officers meet the basic local, state and federal standards. The individuals are required to pass some checks as well as demonstrate some personal attributes. Individuals should be ready to risk their lives, be patient, healthy, dedicated, and one must be ready, both physically and academically, before, during, as well as after the academy. In The Police Avademy.