Comparison between Liberalism and Libertinism

Comparison between Liberalism and Libertinism. The term liberal can be used to denote a personal bigheartedness of spirit of action and pursue displeasured with a sense of human behavior realities. On the other hand, a libertine person is essentially selfish who really wants to reap from others. For instance, women have birth control measures allowing them to do as they like.

This means that they are at liberty to either use birth control measures or not and should not be forced (Zafirovski 534). On the other hand, the aspect of libertine can be explained by looking at the fact that despite that, women have their own income they mostly depend on men for thrills and excitement. This shows that women are interested in consuming what has been earned by men while saving what they have earned. Both liberalism and libertinism are used in viewing the history through the approach of contemporary moral standards.

Libertinism is defined as devoid of moral constraints which are seen as undesirable or unnecessary. A libertine is an individual who ignores or even rebuffs universally or culturally accepted morals as well as forms of behaviors accepted by the larger society. This persona is considered as selfish who is always interested in using the efforts of other people for his or her own good.

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Comparison between Liberalism and Libertinism

Moore in the film explains the so- called ‘dead peasants’ schemes. This was a strange but widely spread social practice among the blue- chip companies whereby they took out life insurance in the names of their employees so that they can benefit once the employees pass on. These practices were conducted with no information on the side of the employees. Comparison between Liberalism and Libertinism.

Basically, this was a very unfortunate practice that was aimed to hurt the employees. The corporations are to blame for this ill practice on employees because they are taking advantage of the employees’ ignorance. However, it is the responsibility of the society to ensure that employees seek information concerning their welfare. For instance, employees are supposed to have adequate information concerning their insurance. Comparison between Liberalism and Libertinism.

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