Therapeutic Approach – Diagnosing Alcoholism

Therapeutic Approach – Diagnosing Alcoholism. Diagnosing alcoholism is sometimes very tricky since it depends on the client being honest to answer various questions concerning her drinking attitudes and patterns. Many alcoholics do not agree that they have a problem of alcoholism. Alcoholism is the only disease that clients resist treatment. This shows if a client is not willing to reveal her drinking habits it becomes very difficult to diagnose alcohol dependence. Alice is situated in a family settings and this brings problems if the alcoholic problem is not diagnosed effectively (Mack, Harrington & Frances, 2010). Therapeutic Approach – Diagnosing Alcoholism.

The family is a major role in the treatment of alcoholism. Many treatment approaches relies on the centrality of family work.

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She is a mother and a wife and therefore she is responsible for her family and if the entire family is not involved in the intervention, the children may engage themselves in the drinking behaviors or fail to respect their mother because of her behavior (Lala et al., 2001). Therapeutic Approach – Diagnosing Alcoholism.

The movie indicates that Alice was physically insulting her children especially when she slapped the eldest daughter after being questioned about her behaviors. This behavior may weaken the family bonds between her and her children and even her husband. However, the movie reveals that the husband and the daughters were highly determined to help her out of the alcoholism problem by offering every kind of support. Therapeutic Approach – Diagnosing Alcoholism.


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