The Chameleon System

Introduction – The Chameleon System

The chameleon system is described and defined as a Vihecle Mounted active Electronic Countermeasure system commonly regarded as Jammer that is designed to counter the high and low powered Radio- Controlled Improvised Explosive Devises. This system usually uses five waveform programmable radio frequency (RF) channels. The chameleon system is preferred in technology as it covers three bands; High Frequency, Very High Frequency, and the Ultra High Frequency. Due to the aspect of globalization, individuals in different departments both in the homeland security and the national security have increasingly designed and developed innovative technologies.

For instance, the September 11 attack in the United States increased the need for the country’s security to be more innovative in developing high technological security aspects. The chameleon system is consisted of four major components; Mobile Countermeasures (MCM) Unit, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Remote Control, Programming Laptop, and Vehicle Integration Kit (VIK). The United States has become a focus for many enemies across the world especially because of its superiority and efforts put in fighting terrorism. The country has therefore shown interests of developing innovative and high quality technology to detect security threat to avoid damages like the case of the September 11.

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Improvised Explosive Devices are the most lethal devices used by enemies in attacking a security force because of the wide range of triggering. These devices are considered as the leading cause of casualties and if they are countered the ability of the insurgents to achieve strategic advantage is significantly reduced. The Chameleon System is very effective in saving lives and it is mostly installed in every vehicle before it is issued to troops in the theater for any operations. Corps must be adequately prepared to fight the threats posed by terrorists in order to save lives. Despite that the system has some weaknesses, it is the most effective system mounted on vehicles before being issued to troops. The Chameleon System.


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