Marketing Strategies in China and India

Marketing Strategies in China and India. Fashion industry has been known to have a large market in the Western countries like the United States because of the socio-cultural aspects of consumers in these countries. However, the industry is gaining influence in the emerging economies like China and India. Like in the Western countries, the youths in these two countries are highly interested in fashionable products like cloths or apparels, cars and electronics because of their modernity element. These products give the consumer a particular social status in society and allow them to fit in a certain social class.

This has encouraged Western companies offering these fashionable products to shift their focus to the Far East to reach out more youths (White, 2012). The youths in China and India are interested in fashionable products like apparels because of the increased interaction with the Westerners and thus copying their social and cultural lifestyles. For instance, in China most of the university students in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai own a smartphone. These countries have rapidly growing economies hence consumers have high purchasing power for these fashionable products and services.

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With the growing economies in China and India and improvement of technology, the U.S. based corporations have higher business opportunities in these countries. Basically, the fashion industry is growing at a high rate in these two countries giving Western companies an opportunity to invest in the markets. In future, the Western companies will increase their influence in the Chinese and Indian fashion markets because of the increased acceptance of the Western cultures by the Chinese and Indians (White, 2012).


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