The Benefits of Using the APA

Findings – The Benefits of Using the APA

The American Psychological Association (APA) was devised by a group of business managers and social scientists in order to increase the simplicity of reading comprehension. The APA format has been used by many researchers in presenting their research findings because of its advantages. However, since 1929 when the format was devised it has been refined many times in order to capture the relevant aspects in research (Beins, 2012). In most cases, APA format is used in behavioral and social sciences as well as other academic disciplines in order to offer structure to all parts of a research. The Benefits of Using the APA.

Social scientists have recommended that by following the rules of APA, a researcher can write a research paper that conforms to standard rules as well as guidelines and the paper appears professional and scholarly hence enabling the readers to easily understand how the research findings are presented (Schwartz et al., 2011).

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The Benefits of Using the APA

APA helps in organizing research papers by keeping them neat and easily understandable to the readers. The main aim of researchers in writing research papers is to ensure that their ideas and thoughts put in the paper are understood by their readers. Thus, by using the APA formatting style the readers are able to focus on the main ideas of the author as they are not distracted by unfamiliar formatting (Trimmer, 2012).

The Benefits of Using the APA. By using the APA style, the researcher demonstrates him/herself as detail-oriented and this is crucial since when punctuation errors are made in the process of writing a research paper, the reader is able to question the researcher’s aptitude in other areas like the statistical analysis. However, one of the shortcomings of APA formatting style is that although it is used in a wide range of subjects it is mainly limited to social and behavioral sciences. The Benefits of Using the APA.


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