Rowe Program at Best Buy

Q1, Describe the culture of Best Buy – Rowe Program at Best Buy

Best buy has transformed from a bureaucratic culture to an entrepreneurial culture. Initially, Best Buy had a rigid system where they treated employees as “unruly kids”.  The culture proved unsuccessful. There was no work life balance and still this rigidness did not see the work done. Manager ensured that the rules were followed to the letter. At of this disagreeable culture, Best Buy experienced one of its worst employee’s turnovers.  The company had to struggle to deliver quality services to it customers and suppliers with an increasingly “stressed- out workforce” (Hellriegel and Slocum, 2007).  This was not until the company introduced the ROWE program, after a hard realization that the rigid culture wouldn’t work. Rowe Program at Best Buy.

ROWE, the acronym for Results-Only Work Environment, program focused solely on results.

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The performance also improved. The employees delivered their most. Work could not delay since the employees had the freedom to work from anywhere at any time.  Since the employees could now own the goal of the company (i.e., producing results) they became more committed and innovative in their approaches. The change eliminated the micromanagement of employees that had previously characterized the company. This meant that there were reduced conflicts between employees and the management. More importantly, the change enabled Best Buy solve the elusive work-life balance. Rowe Program at Best Buy.


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