Marriage Interview and Research

Marriage Interview and Research. Marriage is reportedly one of the most endangered institutions if the high number of divorce cases, separation and unstable marriages is anything to go by. However, contrary to majority beliefs, divorce rate appears to be declining (, 2011). According to CNN, divorce rate has been declining by at least 5% since 1996. Marriage Interview and Research.

However this report is contradicted by Stevenson and Wolfers who claim that in recent past, “marriage rates have fallen, divorce rates have risen, and the defining characteristics of marriage have changed” (1). Bearing in mind that family is one of the fundamental institutions in every society it is very important to understand the factors that leads to marriage failure and success thereof. It is from this background I interviewed three people, Janet, Thomas and Charleen on the factors that they think lead to a marriage failure or success.

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Marriage Interview and Research

Charleen and Janet also think interference by third parties is also a major problem facing marriages. “Sometimes you might be incompatible with your in-laws. If you are married to a person whose his parents are too overbearing sometimes you might experience problems” Janet cautions. The reason why in-laws destroy marriages is because sometimes they want to control decision making in a family. Others parents, according to Charleen, may have a pre-determined mind on who they want their son to marry. “If their expectations are not met, they try in every way to rock the marriage”. Marriage Interview and Research.

Other factors that came up in the interview included drugs addiction, personality traits and unrealistic expectations of the marriage. It also appeared that the importance the society placed on marriage is fast declining. Overall sex, communication and financial difficulties were the prevalent factors. Marriage Interview and Research.

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