Managers and Motivation

Managers and Motivation.The essay articulately highlights the importance of motivation in job performance or job production.  It explains three considerations that managers should make while evaluating job performance: job position, career stage, and personal factors. These, indeed, are important factors where the manager wants to carry out a case-by-case evaluation. Managers and Motivation.

The job position or occupation talks about the position, title, department or the responsibility of an employee as an important determinant of motivation. The motivation factor in each job is different. However, in relation to the job occupation, the article seems to ignore the possibility of job placement as important motivation factor (Bruce, 2006). If the employees are placed in jobs that do not match their skills, they are likely to be de-motivated and thus affect their performance. Managers and Motivation.

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The article could have become completely a master piece if it could discuss the aspect of leadership in employees’ motivation. Although the essay comes close to discussing this when it discusses the managers as the role model, it fails to hit close the real aspect of leadership that motivates an employee. Generally, it is assumed that managers are leaders but the two concepts are not synonymous (Adair, 2007). Managers and Motivation.

For instance, the aspect of leadership could have explained the difference between telling employees what they want to hear and what is necessary to improve performance. A leader is someone who motivates employees to go even where they do not want to go. A leader uplifts the morale of employees to perform even that they considered being difficult. In short, a leader rallies all the employees towards the common corporation goal. Managers and Motivation.


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