Communicating in a Multicultural Society and World

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Part 1 – Communicating in a Multicultural Society and World

Stereotypes play a role in people’s perceptions whereby some people are perceived as negative or positive in a general manner. Some of these stereotypes have elements of truth while others are misconceptions. Different cultural groups attempt to retain their cultural identities even as they establish relationships with other groups especially the dominant groups. Cultural accommodation is therefore important in cultural communication since each culture have different ways of doing things. In this respect, passive, aggressive, confrontational, or assertive communication approaches are used by members of co-cultures in their efforts of accomplishing their goals relative to the dominant cultures. Communicating in a Multicultural Society and World.

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Communicating in a Multicultural Society and World

This is because there are some differences that are inhibited in their cultures. Americans demonstrate individualistic culture while Chinese demonstrate collectivistic culture hence the American project manager may experience employees’ strikes if one of them is fired or demoted. The chapter also contains relevant materials on the relationship between technology and culture and how technology has facilitated effective communication. Currently, the digital divide has been narrowed by the fact that almost all people have the opportunity to access information from the internet either from computers of their mobile phones. This has therefore changed the definition of community to include the people in the cyber community.  Communicating in a Multicultural Society and World.