Carrefour Green Store In China

Carrefour Green Store In China. Green has been the term associated for everything good for environment. As the movement towards green gain momentum, companies are at crossroad. To adopt green strategy or not is the question. Carrefour, the second retail in the world, has not been left out of this confusion with its initiative of green store in china. Consumers, pressure groups, and the government across the world are increasingly enacting pressures to businesses to become more environmentally sensitive. In addition consumers are increasingly becoming more concerned with what they buy and where they buy it in terms green products and the environment. This has not been an exception in china.

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This will help in raising consumer’s awareness of green products and the choices provided at Carrefour stores. In addition, Carrefour should extend green strategy beyond shopping behavior. Carrefour should be concerned with everything it does, including and not limited to, energy consumption and environment pollution.

Overall, the green movement aims at reducing waste and minimizing impact on environment. As a business entity, the actions that Carrefour takes on behalf of the environment must be good for its bottom line, higher returns for its shareholders. By translating these goals into a holistic approach to selling differentiated green products and bringing down operation cost across all its stores in China, Carrefour stand a better chance to be rewarded with higher margins and a larger market share.