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Citigroup – Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security

Citigroup is one of the multinational corporations that have huge on line presence. It is the third-largest U.S bank and with global presence in over 100 countries. It has over 200 million client world wide. On June 2011, Citigroup reported that it had discovered a security breach in which a hacker had accessed personal information from hundreds of accounts.

According to Citigroup press room, the breach which occurred in may 2011, was discovered during their routine monitoring, in which they realized ‘unauthorized access to Citi’s account online’ affecting about 200, 000 customers ( The hackers stole customers accounting information such as name, account number, contact information (email address) Social Security numbers, dates of birth, card security codes, and card expiration dates. This was a severe attack in any bank by any standard.

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Any corporation that is not going to embrace the new technologies of business operation is as well plotting its own demise. Internet has created a plethora of opportunities for corporations. It offers unrivalled for corporations to acquire new customers and sell their products or services. There is no doubt that the future is online. But cybercrimes are threatening to take away these remarkable gains. It therefore beholds any corporation to take adequate measure to protect its information from cybercriminals. Citigroup has been a very successive e-corporation until it fell victim to cyber crimes. Enhanced measures are important to protect it information from potential hackers. Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security.

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