Herborist Company International Marketing Strategies

Herborist Company International Marketing Strategies. Following the diversity of market needs in various parts of the word, many global competitors tend to use integrator strategies in their supplies. Particularly, many global organizations tend to enter into foreign markets through the already existing potential supply chains. By doing so, it becomes easier and more convenient for the company’s’ products to reach their target markets easier.

As it has been observed, Herborist Company is an integrator, as evidenced by its tendency to enter new markets through the already existing suppliers in the market. Precisely, the company’s strategy to enter Europe through Sephora Cosmetics Chain Store in France confirms that the company is an integrator in its international marketing strategies. This paper will analyze the international marketing strategies employed by Herborist Company which is a high-end Chinese personal care brand.

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It was after the pilot system that the company realized the significance of integrative strategy in international markets, since its products penetrated well in the market, increasing the company’s sales by the year 2008.

In conclusion, it has been noted that Herborist has adopted integrative marketing strategies in the international markets. This strategy has been helpful to the company in the way its products have been penetrating successfully in international markets. For instance, through Manning Chain Stores and Sephora Cosmetics Chain Store, the company has been able to venture successfully in Hong Kong and European markets respectively. On this basis the usefulness of integrative strategy for international marketing in Herborist Company has been inarguable. Herborist Company International Marketing Strategies.