Health Disparities And Health Inequities

Health disparities and health inequities are two terms used in health reporting. While the two terms are used interchangeably, a close look at their definition shows that the two terms, although close have distinctive meaning. It is important to understand the differences for rational health reporting. Health Disparities And Health Inequities.

According to Truman et al (2011), health disparities are differences in health outcomes and their determinants between segments of the population, as defined by social, demographic, environmental, and geographical attributes. These authors define health inequities as a subset of health inequalities that are modifiable, associated with social disadvantage, and considered ethically unfair. Both of these terms are used to measure the community health as well as provide the information necessary in health policy making. In U.S public health literature as well as in the U.S federal laws, health disparity is used to refer to the gaps in health between segments of the population (US Department of Health and Human Services, 2007).

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Health inequity therefore is a result unequal access that, but for lack of action, should be attainable. Where there is health inequity the society ought to take action and make sure it has attained a level of equal access to quality health facilities.

Where a health inequity has been determined, a social action is needed. More importantly it is a call for the government to provide social amenities that shape social determinants (Truman et al 2011). Such facilities to level the access to health include provision of comfortable housing, safety standards and provision of social safety nets for income and nutrition. The main contention with the use of the concept health disparities is that it fails to capture that health inequality which is avoidable and unacceptable.


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