Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has a mandatory requirement that all Americans without a health insurance must be brought under health coverage. This means that the over 45 million Americans without an insurance cover will be brought under health care coverage. At least the passage of the bill will bring approximately 30 million new people to an already packed system. Health Care Reform.

Automatically an increase in the number of people in the health care system without an increase in the number of doctors will result to unprecedented strains. According to the assistant of American Medical College, the reform will at least bring the shortage of doctors to 125, 000 by 2025. The American Academy of Family physicians estimates that there will be a shortage of about 149,000 physicians by 2020(Los Angeles Times). The system will result to many more patients and a lot of fewer primary care physicians. Health Care Reform.

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The predicted population growth will only worsen the matter. The U.S. Census Bureau predicts that the total population will have hit 350 million by 2025 from the current 300 million (Los Angeles Times). Without a commensurate increase in the number of physicians, the shortage will remain real. The quality of health care services will gradually take a nose dive. Health Care Reform.

To stem this shortage it is only practical the government need to ensure an increased enrollment medical school. The enrollment should be structured in way that it will ensure an even enrollment in all fields depending on the need. But this alone may not entice or solve the probable shortage. There should be also a policy that will ensure that primary health care physicians receive a boast in their pay to make the whole field attractive. Health Care Reform.


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