Fossil Fuel Production In Saudi Arabia

Summary – Fossil Fuel Production In Saudi Arabia

This paper provides an in-depth discussion and analysis of the environmental issue of fossil fuel production in Saudi Arabia. Being the leading oil producer and exporter, Saudi Arabia has not been exempted from the adverse effects of the substance. Fossil fuel has been categorized as the leading substance contributing to CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

Despite that the effects of the emissions are felt in a global platform, the target nation is at bigger risk and have a greater stake in initiating solutions. In this case, Saudi Arabia is in the heart of CO2 emissions whereby it is ranked 18 as far as fossil-fuel CO2 emissions are concerned. The issue of natural gas has also been identified as another key aspect of pollution and green house effect in Saudi Arabia. In this case, natural gas has been identified to contribute over 32.1% of total fossil-fuel CO2 emissions. Saudi Arabia has also been associated with this calamity, thus creating worry about the safety of its petroleum production activities to the environment.

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In response to the highlighted issues concerning fossil fuel in Saudi Arabia, it has been noted that serious environmental issues are triggered. The issue of greenhouse effect which triggers climate change has been the most outstanding. In response to this issue, there is every need for adoption of new technologies. For instance, the emitted gases should be tapped and reinjected thus avoiding the gas flaring effect. On the other hand, the avoidance of drilling in the outer continental shelf should be avoided as well as new wildlife reserves.

This is due to the spill out effect which has adverse impacts on the ecosystem. In regards to this scenario, new technologies in drilling should be avoided so as to counter the damages arising from petroleum production. Proper disposal of petroleum products and wastes should be undertaken so as to counter the adverse impacts of petroleum oil products and emissions. By adopting these solutions, Saudi Arabia will be able to relief itself from the adverse environmental impacts from fossil fuel production.


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