Entrepreneurial Leadership

Introduction – Entrepreneurial Leadership

Entrepreneurial leadership is leadership that is based on self devotion of the leader as the sole determinant of success of that business by taking strategic initiatives, and largely demonstrating remarkable entrepreneurial creativity skills. According to Dubrin (2010, p.75) organizational leaders who demonstrate entrepreneurial leadership traits are usually accompanied by outstanding performance their positions.

For instance, Steve Jobs, who was Apple’s Chief Executive Officer, can be considered as an entrepreneurial leader due to his outstanding accomplishment for the company. On the other hand, Henri Dunant who is the founder of the International Red Cross Society exhibited significant entrepreneurial leadership skills throughout his life. This paper brings into focus the entrepreneurial contribution of both Steve Jobs and Henri Dunant as remarkable entrepreneurial leaders in the organizations they worked in.

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Having outstanding skills of managing resources in the international Red Cross Society, Henri Dunant has been found to exhibit participative leadership skills. This is evidenced by his assertions that, “My ultimate desire is not to get things the way I perceive solely, but to get things done at the best interest of the entire public…” (Forsythe, 2005, p.39). This is an indication that, Henri Dunant integrated all stakeholders’ ideas in making critical decisions on various matters within the organization. As a result, Henri Dunant succeeded in all his endeavors as seen in the way International Red Cross Society has massively grown and reached all parts of the world. Generally, Henri Dunant is remembered for his unique and excellent skills in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial Leadership.


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