Drug Legislation Analysis

Drug Legislation Analysis. The federal government, as well as the states, has strict public policies and legislation that are aimed at controlling mind altering drugs. Anti-drug legislation normally referred to as ‘war on drugs’ dates to back to 1875 when the state of San Francisco banned the use of Opium. In 1880, the federal government negotiated with China for the ban of opium trade. The 49th congress passed legislation to enforce this restriction which provided for a fine of $50 and$500 for any U.S or Chinese citizen who violated this law. Drug Legislation Analysis.

The Harrison Narcotics Act which came into effect in 1914 required all medical practitioners dealing with Opiates, morphine and other substances to register with the federal government so that tax could be paid on the substance. More legislation followed. In 1920, the congress passed the Heroin Maintenance Act and later in 1937 the Marijuana Act (Gray 27).  Over the years, the federal government and local states have enacted various legislations to restrict the use and trade of drugs. Violating these laws has serious consequences including asset forfeiture. Drug Legislation Analysis.

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Under the anti-drugs laws, the judiciary has the powers to confiscate proceeds (monies, materials and anything of value) that are acquired and generated out of illegal drug trade (Rowe 25). These materials can later be resold to offset the losses incurred by the government in the war on drugs. Asset forfeiture is also applied as a deterrent measure. Drug Legislation Analysis.

Since the war on drugs begun, the U.S government appears committed to continue with the war. Federal government has also taken the war beyond its boundaries by black listing individuals engaged in illegal drug trade restricting association with countries that condone drug trade. Both the federal and the state government operate under the conviction that drug abuse pose a threat to United States and are therefore committed to enforce anti-drugs laws. Drug Legislation Analysis.

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