Dolphin and Whale Killing in Japan: A Bad Practice on the Species

Dolphin and Whale Killing in Japan: A Bad Practice on the Species. In the history of Japan, whale and dolphin killing is among the most practiced activities. As evidenced in the documentary film, The Cove, Japan’s dolphin hunting and whaling is a predominant culture in the country. Since the film is told from ocean conservationist’s perspective, the practice of hunting these oceanic organisms seems to threaten their posterity.

As revealed in the film, migrating dolphins and whales from the Atlantic Ocean seek refuge in hidden coves along Japan’s Coast line where they are netted and killed afterwards for commercial purposes. As it is brought out in the film, this practice exposes high degree of cruelty of human beings, and thus the practice is not necessary for the sake of preservation of the endangered dolphin and whale species. This paper explores the practice of whale and dolphin killing in Japan in the viewpoint of The Cove film.

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Generally, the documentary film The Cove has brought into focus the dangerous and unhealthy killing of dolphins and whaling in Japan. Though Japanese consider this practice as being culturally justified, it is ethically unjustified to kill such endangered species for the sake harmful cultures that disregard the environmental sustainability. As revealed in the film, Taiji town in Japan’s coastline is the major focus of whaling and dolphin hunting, where the locals consider the practice as being the main sources of their income and food. Despite the Japan’s Ministry of Healthy causing alarm on the unhealthy nature of dolphin and whale meat, many Japanese have regarded this on the basis of culture. Meanwhile, the film The Cove has shown how necessary it is to indulge international anti-whaling organization to safe the situation.

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