Assessment Portfolio

Assessment Portfolio. This assessment portfolio assesses three distinctive works: an essay plan, a writing précis, and a reference and bibliography list. The essay plan is about the role of the House of Commons, the writing précis is about the communist manifesto and the reference and bibliography list is Harvard style guide. Assessment Portfolio.

The essay plan contains the basic function of the House of Commons. The works goes to great length to highlight the specific function played by the House of Commons and it relation to the House of Lords regarding these functions. Like in every good essay, the plan shows the introduction followed by the order of points. The discussion of the points one by one forms the body of the essay plan and shows how they will be transferred in the final draft. The structure, as the pan outlines cogently shows the point will be discussed one by one in paragraph form. In rules of an essay, the plan indicates the concluding paragraph. Assessment Portfolio.

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The in text citation are correctly placed and the page numbers provided where there is a direct quotation. However the referencing has several flaws. The page number in Harvard style should be at the top right hand corner, and does not italicize the title of the work. In passage 4, the in-text citation is not really necessary because the reference of democracy by Greeks and the Churchill definition of democracy are too well common known phrases that do not need referencing. Apart from those few flaws, the in text citation and the list of reference page are in accordance with the Harvard referencing style. Assessment Portfolio.