United States and Foreign Aid

Introduction – United States and Foreign Aid

The concept of foreign has been in the global domain for centuries for the last couple of decades. This phenomenon has been aimed at offering assistance to less fortunate nations who may be overwhelmed by various problems. The issue of economic backwardness has been the main factor inducing donor countries to offer foreign assistance. This assistance is offered in terms of financial, military, and technological among other forms of assistance. It has however been noted that the provision of foreign aid is not solely for enhancing the economic growth and development of the poor nations but also to strengthen diplomatic and military relationships. United States and Foreign Aid.

The case of the US foreign aid has been of great importance in the global scene.

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The discussion and analysis of the issue of US foreign aid has offered great insights on its significance. It has been noted that there is hot debate concerning the importance of US foreign aid. The discussion has clearly indicated that foreign aid offered by the US has been of great in boosting socio-economic development in poor nations as well as uplifting living standards of the less fortunate communities. Nevertheless, the provision of foreign aid by the US is of more harm than good. This is based on the high sense of irregularities, unfairness, inefficiencies demonstrated by provision of foreign aid. With this in mind, the US should either redesign the foreign aid policy or abandon it.


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