The Issue of Contracts – Unit 4 discussion

Introduction – The Issue of Contracts

The issue of contracts has been overwhelmingly focused in human society in recent days. Following the increased interactions of people influenced by urbanization, globalization, technology and expansion of trade, people have been overwhelmingly integrated with one another. This is both evident in the social and commercial sector, whereby people seek to collaborate in various issues. In this case, the interactions by people are strongly influenced by contracts or promises which they make to one another. The Issue of Contracts.

In particular, the case of Rosalie and Jonathan is very interesting as far as contracts and business law is concerned. Based on the Case, Rosalie has defied her promises to Jonathan by inviting him for a dinner and then disappearing without any notification.

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In this case, the law concerning definiteness asserts that a party would not have accepted an offer unless it is reasonably certain. In this case, the invitation for dinner was reasonably certain as promised by Rosalie, thus leaving no loop hole for Rosalie to escape from the law (Bast and Pyle, 2010). The Issue of Contracts.


In summation, it is apparent that Jonathan has every right to sue Rosalie for the inconveniences she has projected on him. Despite that there is no legal of formal agreement between the two, the terms of contract are very clear. The elements of definiteness of offer, consideration and promissory estoppels have clearly guarded Jonathan in any legal battle. With this in mind, Rosalie should be put accountable of her promises and requested to compensate Jonathan some of the expenses. The Issue of Contracts. .


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