Latinos experience in the U.S

Latinos experience in the U.S. The issue of immigration has remained in the global scene for quite some time. This ranges back to the onset of human civilization, whereby people seek to move to other regions in search for a better life. In many cases, immigration is characterized by the movement of people from poor nations to more developed nations. This is highly influenced by the need of better livelihoods, through acquisition of better jobs among other social amenities. In the case of the US, the issue of immigration has taken up the domain.

This phenomenon has been a topic of great importance since the independence of the US as well as after and before the US revolution. In this regard, large numbers of people from other nations have been moving to the US in search for jobs and better livelihoods.

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This contributed to very high poverty levels. In response to this situation, the Hispanic immigrants were seeking to attain better livelihoods. The freedom to travel without passports was a key phenomenon influencing the larger number of Puerto Rican Hispanics into the US. It has been noted that the need for many people to participate in the world war led to Puerto Ricans being welcomed into the US. On the other hand, the Dominican Hispanics migrated to the US after the collapse of the Rafael Trujillo.

Latinos experience in the U.S

            In conclusion, it has been clearly evident that the Latinos have had diverse experiences in the US. The issue of racial discrimination has remained a key characteristic of their livelihood in the US. On the other hand, there has been strong similarity on the socio-economic backgrounds of the Hispanic immigrants. In this case, the poor economic and social structures in many nations was the main cause of they immigration. The Hispanics were after getting better jobs and livelihoods in the US.