How Personal Can Ethics Get

How Personal Can Ethics Get?          

Question 1- Discuss how personal differences and preference can impact organizational

Since all organizations act and make decisions through people, personal differences and preferences in organizations impact a lot on organizational ethics. According to Brown (121) leaders in organizations are entrusted with the role of controlling a multiple of operations within as well as ensuring appropriate allocation of the organizations resources in the best ethically accepted ways. Not surprisingly, personal differences between individuals within organizations may arouse a lot ethical issues for the organization (Hellriegel 29).

According to organizational standards, leaders are considered as role models for ethical conduct for all the followers by serving the organization honestly and in good faith. In cases where organizational leaders portray behaviors that are inconsistent with their ethical pronouncements, followers may just ignore him/her.

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By doing so, I will be securing my position in then company, but ensure that poor management in the organization is done away with, since the manager would be investigated immediately.  How Personal Can Ethics Get.

Since I am sure that the top management would not take for granted such high level of unethical practice, I will be certain that, the entire organizational ethical practices are restored by having the top management eliminate the traitor. As noted by Thorsen (1), it is the right of every organizational stakeholder to maintain high level of ethical practices in all circumstances. How Personal Can Ethics Get.

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