Drug of the New Millennium: Pornography

Introduction – Drug of the New Millennium: Pornography

The book, “The Drug of The Millennium: Pornography” is a fascinating story concerning the issues entailing human sexuality in the 21st century. Mark B. Kastleman, who is the author of the book, has offered a masterful analysis concerning the dominance of pornography in the human society. The mental and spiritual destruction arising from pornography to the victims has been addressed in the book. Based on the weight of the issues addressed in the book, it finds its use to a wide range of people including educators, parents and religious leaders.

Mark Kastleman, who is a professional and experienced trainer as well as a speaker, has demonstrated his expertise in the book. The experience of Mark in entertaining and educating different audiences across the US can not be ignored. This adds to his knowledge and expertise in addressing public issues.

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The book has adequately addressed the topic of pornography which has otherwise been neglected by many authors. This makes the book a very resourceful material in enlightening the world population. The provision of statistical data has been of great importance in demonstrating the magnitude of the issues addressed by the author. This makes the inferences offered in the book to be authentic (Kantleman, 2007). Drug of the New Millennium: Pornography.


The analysis and review of the book has clearly demonstrated its worth in addressing the topic of pornography. The author, Mark who is an experienced trainer and speaker has demonstrated his professionalism in writing the book. This is very evident through the insightful ideas offered by the author concerning the epidemic of pornography. The objective of the author in enlightening and offering solution to the issue of pornography has been adequately realized. Drug of the New Millennium: Pornography.


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