Criminals and Criminal Justice

Project – Criminals and Criminal Justice

The conversation between Beccaria and Travis would mostly entail criminal justice as both criminologists have influenced the current criminal justice. They would be discussing how the governments would be enlightened on the causes of crimes as well as the relevant ways of preventing and addressing them. They have a moderate approach to criminals and criminal justice. In this case, Travis bases his work on the sociology expertise he possessed but Beccaria was encouraged by his peer who had knowledge and experience on criminal justice because he had no expertise on that field.

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Parents, teachers lawmakers and clergy men are look at by the society as the source of direction that the society want to take. Out of these they come up with rules, laws and doctrines that will be followed. This make individual to live harmoniously in one society (Hirschi 23). Criminals and Criminal Justice.

However, the two theorists differed in the sense that Beccaria provided a solution, at the moment when a crime will have been committed. That is he proposed punishments like arrests and fine. He also advised on formulation of rule of law and establishment of courts with impartial judges. On the other hand, Travis assumes that society will live harmoniously as long as all the principles he outlined are adhered to. He did not provide solutions to events when a crime is committed. In reference to the theories, it is evident that Beccaria’s theory is more comprehensive. Beccaria provides causes, prevention and remedy to criminal justice system. Criminals and Criminal Justice.

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