A Historical Succession at Xerox

Q1 – A Historical Succession at Xerox

A Historical Succession at Xerox. The succession of Burns to the top position at Xerox is historic in many ways. Besides being the first African woman to take the lead of a major U.S corporation, she also succeeded another woman. The fact that Burns was taking a position previously regarded as a preserve of men was a cause for excitement. The gusto in which she took her job is also historical. Within days of appointment, burns was heard fully assumed her responsibilities and she was out to Europe to meet with the companies staffs. Immediately after her appointment, Burns indicated that she was out to restore the fortune the glory of Xerox.

The appointment of an unusual CEO when Xerox was facing problems was, indeed, historical.

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Q4 – A Historical Succession at Xerox

In business, it goes without saying that embracing diversity is akin to embracing talents. It means that corporations that embrace diversity have a huge pool of talents to recruit from. This is the opposite of a company that insist on recruiting employees based on gender and racial or family background. It is also clear that a company that embraces diversity will also win respect from its customers. This means that embracing diversity is also a marketing technique. Most of the business products are not to be sold strictly to people of a certain race or gender and it is therefore important for a company to show that it does not only value people as customers but also as potential employees. It would be very difficult, for example for a racist company to sell to other races.


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