Abortion: Case analysis

Topic discussion – Abortion: Case analysis

Abortion, like anywhere else in the world, has been a contentious issue in Canada. The long standing debate has featured the liberals who believe in a woman choice and the conservatives who are pro-life. While the liberals believe that it is the right of a woman to choose whether to continue with a pregnancy or not, the conservative believe that after conception the foetus takes its own right to life. One of the issues that have complicated the debate is as to when the life begins: after conception or after birth. The pro-life believe that they have a duty to protect human life. Abortion according to pro-life crusaders is a crime against humanity. Out of the controversy, the pro-life have been pushing for a legal definition of human being. Abortion: Case analysis.

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No matter how much a society adores freedom, it should be also realized that unrestricted freedom has also its own disadvantages.

May be in the long run, Canada will start feeling the effects of sex selective abortions. What can happen in unbalanced population, where there are more boys than girls? Allowing unrestricted abortion is not healthy for a population. While I support abortion on certain circumstances (health, rape, and teenage pregnancies) I oppose the free choice position. Perhaps we should also think of encouraging contraceptives to avert abortion status. Abortion: Case analysis.

Legalizing abortion on certain conditions will also maintain the current position where those who qualify can access safe abortion in accredited clinics. The bottom line in this debate is creating a position where the right of women can be guaranteed while at the same time protecting the right of the unborn where possible. Abortion: Case analysis.

Overall, the interesting case in this essay is that involving Midwives Sullivan and Lemay in which the Supreme Court ruled that  a child in the process of being born was not “person” even though the head was outside the mother’s body. This ruling just begs the question, “who is next”? Abortion: Case analysis.