The country of Israel

History about Israel. Israel was established in 1948 as a Jewish state. Since then, Israel has struggled to exist in the midst of volatile neighbors. The bloody relationship that Israel has lived with it neighbors is marked as one of the source of instability in the world. Despite the persistent effort by the international community to install order between the two neighbors, peace has been an elusive goal for both Israel and Palestine. The country of Israel

The role of the western powers and the Arab nations is of key concern whenever the Israel-Palestine conflict comes into discussion. In the body of religion, Israel occupies a central place in Jews, Christian and Muslim faiths since it is regarded as a holy land. From the history and geography, economy and politics, to population and culture this paper offers the facts about the state of Israel. The country of Israel.

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Israel is a fascinating state that every scholar, policy makers and international leaders would like to study about. Although it has engaged in endless conflict with Palestine and numerous invasions with its Arab neighbors it has managed to emerge from this hardship as a strong state, at least economically. It is one of the countries with good development records.

The resilience exhibited by it people and strong economic policy are some of the interesting things to study about. Nonetheless the longstanding Israel-Palestine conflict remains an enigma in the minds of international community. Addressing the conflict once and for all could solve the problem of instability in the Middle East and pave way for a faster development of the state of Israel. There is no doubt that Israel occupies a central place the history of world politics. How Israel has managed to maintain a strong economic development amid high level of instability is an amazing story. The country of Israel.


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