Summary on Professor X Reading

Summary on Professor X Reading. Professor X introduces himself by identifying the type of career he is in. A part time instructor who is either under financial constraint and is trying to make the end meet; by teaching in two colleges, private and community, or an educationist  who is compassionate on reforming the American education system. The tone at the beginning of this piece of writing is romantic. The author is carried away by the physical appearances of the two colleges. He pastes a picture of an ideal structure of the institution of learning, tidy, quiet and spread trees, a serene and conducive environment for learning. The students are captured playing, chatting or reading. Summary on Professor X Reading.

However, the author’s main ideas are posed in a harsh and bitter tone, paradoxically; giving us a different picture as far as the students learning is concerned.

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In this piece of writing the exposes himself as unhappy with the education system he works for thereby confirming the fact that he is transferring his frustrations to other people by creating an ill image on American college education. The exact stand of the author cannot be clearly described because of the inconsistencies he poses and therefore cannot be taken as policy reform but a mere opinion. Professor X shows distaste with his teaching profession and not afraid on how the superiors of the education system will take his stand on college education. He yearns to be a full-time professor at Harvard and this depicts him as underachieved in his life.