Privatization of Solid Waste Management

Privatization of Solid Waste Management. According to an article by Thomas (2011) urban solid waste and environmental problems have been recognized world wide by local governments. This is a problem that has to be solved for urban towns to experience social and economic growth. There has been a heated debate on whether solid waste management should be privatized or left for publics. The main issues arise on costs incurred and effectiveness as well as safety.

Some people have argued that when the activities of solid waste management is privatized, costs are lowered, efficiency increases, and safety is boosted. On the other hand, the opponents of privatization of solid waste management indicates that the government have the effective and required mechanisms of managing wastes in urban areas hence curbing environmental degradation. This study looks at the arguments on this issue and analyze whether the practice improve service quality and reduce costs or not.

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Privatization of Solid Waste Management

Privatization of solid waste collection and management promotes a competitive bidding market in communities as community members are in a position to apply for job opportunities and learn from the organizations providing the services. Reddy (2011) concludes that companies compete stiffly to get contracts hence the services provided by selected companies are of high quality. There is no competition when the public sector is entrusted with the duty of waste management hence services may be of low quality.  


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