Information Technology and Management Systems

Question 1 – Information Technology and Management Systems

Appropriate use of Information technology and management systems has the ability to transform the health care system. It has the ability to save lives, improve health care outcome, and reduce cost. With the ballooning of health care cost and the number of individuals without health care, it is important that the health IT be harnessed as a tool to transform healthcare, improve quality by delivering information when and where it is most needed, reduce healthcare cost, empower consumers in their health care decisions, and ensure privacy and security of personal health information. Information Technology and Management Systems .

As the health sector struggles with healthcare reform policy, Health IT has emerged as an appropriate tool for improving the effectiveness and the efficiency of health care.

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In time of economic recession, like the recent 2007-2009 economic recession, most of the population is pushed out of the health care brackets. The government needs to come in to support the system from financial difficulties.


As the policy makers grapple, with the issues of health care provision, it clear that the issue of IM/IT governance is critical to any healthcare reform policy. IM/IT has a critical role to play in the transformation of health care, cost reduction, improvement of health care services, empowering of consumers to make informed healthcare choices as well as improving the privacy and security of personal health information. Nonetheless, policy makers must address some of the pertinent issues in integrating information technology in the health sector. Some of the pertinent issues are consumer empowerment and consumer confidentiality.


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