Generational Change

Introduction – Generational change

Generational change refers to change which occurs in a population or organization as a result of existing members being replaced by other individuals with different characteristics and values. This phenomenon has been vividly demonstrated in human setup, whereby various generations have come and gone which express distinctive characteristics. The “Generation Me” which is the present generation has been outstanding among other historical generations. This is in regards to the distinctive characteristics of this group of human population of the 21st century. Generation me refers to anyone who was born in the years 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s to present or people who are current at 7 to 36 years. Generational Change.

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Unnecessary generations have overwhelmed the ideas presented by the author thus dooming the credibility of the book. Generational Change.


As concerning the discussion and analysis of Jean Twenge’s book, it has been explicit that the character of Generation Me is distinctive. In relation to other generations and more specifically baby boomers, the author has highlighted many differences in attitudes and character. The attitude of Generation Me towards the self has been the most outstanding, whereby this generation prioritize the self before everything else. The optimism and ambitions of this generation is also distinctive. Despite the efficiency of the author in researching the characteristics of Generation Me, the excessive generalizations are incredible and only jeopardize the authenticity of the book and its content. Generational Change.

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